4G Router Cudy AC1200 LT700 Cat.6


AC1200 4G LTE CAT 6 Router, Model: LT700
Redundant SIM Slots
Dual SIM slots provide redundancy and keep the device always online.
Both SIM slots can be filled, you can choose whether to use SIM card 1 or SIM card 2, or auto select by Cudy.
WAN Internet, 4G Backup
Set WAN/LAN port as WAN to enable Cudy use the landline internet from WAN,
and 3G/4G connection works as a backup to provide a sustained and reliable internet connection for you.
External SMA Antenna connector
Combined with 4 detachable SMA Antenna interface
to connect outdoor cellular antennas for better and stable signal.
4G Band Lock
4G band lock make it possible to lock the 4G working frequency to one
or several bands to keep the stability of operation.
TTL Settings
Support manual set TTL values to meet ISP’s requirement(such as Verizon, Visible).
Support set IPv4 TTL and IPv6 HL Values.
DNS over TLS
Support DNS Encryption with CloudFlare or Google, protects your privacy,
prevents eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data via man-in-the-middle attacks.

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4G LTE advanced CAT.6 CPE
AC1200 dual band Wi-Fi
Dual SIM slots (Nano)
4*Gigabit Ethernet Ports
4*Detachable Cellular Antennas
2*Fixed WiFi Antennas
DNS over Cloudflare/Google


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