4G Router Cudy N300 LT400 Outdoor Cat.4


Turn Everywhere 4G into N300 Wi-Fi
With 4G Cat.4 standards, LT400 Outdoor communicates with a 4G tower
with speeds of up to 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload. It features a N300 Wi-Fi,
providing reliable network for web browsing,video streaming, surveilance, and POS services.
Boosted Wi-Fi Coverage with Beamforming
Tested Wi-Fi coverage performance in four di?erent scenarios,
achieved by Beamforming technology and two built-in antennas.
If your space is too large for one Cudy 4G Outdoor Router to cover,
you can expand your Wi-Fi coverage into a Mesh network by adding another Cudy AP.
Insert a SIM, Enjoy Wi-Fi
Install Wi-Fi anywhere is as easy as plugging a SIM card and booting it up with the PoE adapter.
One PoE Adapter is included in the box. Pull Network to 100 m Away
Plug your Ethernet cable into the PoE adapter/switch to get up to 100 m of wired network reach.
The extra cable is not included in the box.
Install an AP for Indoor Wi-Fi
Connect an AP to the PoE adapter to equip your cafe, home, or once with a better Wi-Fi signal.
AP needs to bepurchased separately.
Install Extension Antennas
The default 4G antennas are as sensitive as a standard phone’s antennas.
You can still replace them with customized ones via the SMA connectors.
A Reliable Network Solution
Gigabit Solution (Gigabit speed only in Intranet, suitable for NAS users):
Switch: Cudy GS108 (Skip this if you don’t require extra wired connections)
AP: Cudy WR1300E/WR1300/WR3000 (Choose AP mode during setup)
Budget Solution:
AP: Cudy WR1200 (Choose AP mode during Setup)
Mounting Kit Included
A mounting kit is included in the box, supporting–

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N300 Wi-Fi
1x 10/100Mbps WAN/LAN
Nano SIM Slot
24V Passive PoE
2x Internal WiFi Antennas + 2 x Detachable 4G Antennas
IP65 WaterProof


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