5G Router Wi-Fi6 Cudy AX3000 P5


5G SA/NSA AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 CPE, Model: P5
A result of the fine-turned collaboration of Qualcomm 5G and Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6 solutions,
focusing on unleashing full Wi-Fi and 5G speeds without creating interference.
Equipped with upgraded 5G standard (3GPP REL. 16), P5 delivers a fiber-like low latency network for any demanding tasks.
P5 provides 5G peak speeds at 2.4 Gbps (DL/SA) and 900 Mbps (UL/SA),
perfectly matching the mighty 3000 Mbps dual-band Wi-Fi 6 for 4K streaming.
P5 also supports Mesh technology to reach extensive coverage.
VPN and DNS over TLS enable safe connection through public networks.
Super-Fast Wi-Fi 6 Connects 4? More Devices
Full 160 Mhz channel width enables peak speed at 2402 Mbps on the 5 GHz band,
best for lag-free gaming and live streaming in flawless quality.
Far-reaching 2.4 GHz signal covers an expansive area, so you can enjoy the network in the backyard.
OFDMA and powerful CPU enables 4? capacity for more devices.
Redundant SIM Slots
Dual SIM slots provide redundancy and Dual Nano SIM slots for redundant backup.
Both SIM slots can be filled. Auto and manual mode is available for redundancy settings
WAN Internet, 4G Backup
Set WAN/LAN port as WAN to enable Cudy to use the landline internet from WAN,
and 4G/5G connection works as a backup to provide a sustained and reliable internet connection for you.
Easily Optimize Signal Reception
Set WAN/LAN port as WAN to further assure staying online.
Detachable cellular antennas enable reception optimization by plugging extension cables up to 12 meters* into SMA interface connectors.
4G/5G Band Lock
Band lock makes it possible to lock the 4/5G working frequency to one or several bands to keep the stability of operation.
TTL Settings
Support manual set TTL values to meet ISP’s requirement(such as Verizon, Visible).
Support set IPv4 TTL and IPv6 HL Values.
Advanced DNS Security
Support DNS Encryption with trustful partners, preventing eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data via man-in-the middle attack.

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5G SA/NSA CPE (Sub-6)
AX3000 dual band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
Qualcomm Chipset Inside
Dual Nano SIM slots
4 * Gigabit Ethernet Ports (WAN Failover)
4 * Detachable Cellular Antennas
2 * Fixed WiFi Antennas
DNS over Cloudflare/Google


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