Access Point AC1200 Gigabit Cudy AP1300


AC1200 Gigabit Wireless Access Point, Model: AP1300
Connects More Devices
MU-MIMO technology allows for the simultaneous transmission of multiple data streams to multiple devices, improving eficiency and throughput under heavy use.
Boosted Coverage
Beamforming technology tracks connected devices’ directions and boost signal towards them, improves coverage performance.
Mesh support (802.11k/v) allows clients to switch between access points seamlessly,ensuring uninterrupted Wi-Fi calling or live streaming when moving around.
*Requires a Cudy Wi-Fi router/VPN router/access point controller as a gateway with firmware newer than 15.28.
Simply create a Wi-Fi spot behind a router.
When PPPoE authorization or creating a separate subnet is needed, please use the Router mode.
Wi-Fi Extender (repeater) mode extends a existing Wi-Fi coverage to hard-to-cover area.
WISP extends Wi-Fi but creates a subnet for connected devices, so it’s safer than extender mode.
Captive Portal
Improve your brand awareness by displaying a customized login page for new clients.
Band Steering
Assigns devices to less congested bands.
Auto Channel
Selection Avoid signal interruptions with nearby access points.
Auto Mesh
Optimization Form mesh backhaul
via less congested routes automatically.
*The advanced business features require a Cudy access point controller as a gateway. Cudy AP controller is coming soon.

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AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Speed
1 Gigabit WAN/LAN (PoE In)
802.3at/af PoE, Passive PoE, or DC
Multi-Mode: AP/Router/RE/WISP
POE Injector Not Included


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