CPU Cooler RGB Alseye X120T


Adjustable RGB Syster, 16.8million color lighting effect
The compact fin layout facilitates uniform heat transfer and effectively improves airflow rate at the air outlet
Unique frameless design, invisible screw design, demonstrate high-end temperament
6 hight efficiency heat pipes closely cover the surface of the CPU, greatly increasing the contact area,
and allowing heat to be more efficiently conducted to the heat skin fins

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Fan speed (RPM) 600-1800RPM ± 10%
Noise dB (A) 26.3dB (A) ± 10%
Radiator size *air flow 42.2CFM ± 10%
Wind pressure 2.1mm / H2O ± 10%
Fan size 120mm (L) * 120mm (H) * 30mm (H)
Bearing type Hydraulic
Power interface 1.25 5pin
Cooling method Heat sink material Pure copper heat pipe, aluminum fins


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