Energy cost meter Premium Logilink EM0003


Energy cost meter Premium from LogiLink
Spot inefficient electrical equipment in your household with the LogiLink energy cost meter.
The display shows the energy and load power needed.
With inserting your personal power tariff it automatically calculates the cost tariff.

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Rating voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption: 16A
Energy display: 0 – 9999 kWh
Time display: 0 – 9999 days
Working temperature: -10°C to +40°C
Operating area: Indoor
Rating power: up to 3680 W
With safety shutter
Built-in battery
Power tariff programmable (cent/kWh)
Display of load energy, load power, cost tariff and Display of the total duty cycle
General product data:
Weight: 0.183 kg
Height: 7.6 cm
Width: 7.3 cm
Length: 15.8 cm


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