IP Camera POE Reolink RLC-823A 16x 4K


16X Optical Zoom – More Sharp Details at a Greater Distance
The 16X varifocal lens enables the camera to fastly
and accurately capture distant objects without affecting image quality.
In addition, with 3D Zoom, the camera will automatically pan, tilt,
and zoom in to focus on the area you select, no need for manual control step-by-step anymore.
Respond to Detection in Real Time
Accurate alerts will be pushed to your device whenever a person/vehicle/pet* is detected.
Hear and be heard via the two-way audio to talk with your visitors,
warn off suspects when you’re away from home in an emergency, or have fun with your cute kitty and doggy.
Watch in 4K, Just Like Your Own Eyes
As suspicious people or vehicles appear and start moving,
the camera will automatically rotate its lens to follow their tracks.
Coupled with 4K high resolution, the camera can clearly capture
the moving object and more key details of it to provide a more complete event.

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16X Optical Zoom
Two-Way Audio


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