PowerLine Set 200Mbps Tenda P200


To build a network at home or office with minimum effort and cost, the Tenda 200Mbps Powerline Mini Adapter P200 is your choice. In many cases, Ethernet is just not available in places where network connectivity is needed. However, almost every room at home or office has power circuitry, which can be used to extend network connections from your broadband router Just simply plug one P200 that links to a broadband modem/router into the power outlet in one room, and plug another P200 linking to a PC or any Ethernet device in the other, you can then easily and instantly connect to the network of up to 200Mbps transmission rate
ith HomePlug AV technology, the P200 provides users the stable and high-speed Internet access, delievering up to 200Mbps data transfer rate. Just plug a pair of powerline adapters into your house power outlets, and easily enjoy high definition video streaming and network transmission.
With a dimension of 53*53*27mm only, the P200 features a super compact and sleek design that blends in nicely with any surrounding at home or office.
Users can easily set up a secure connection among multiple powerline adapters. By pushing an Pair button on P200, and then you can set up your hassle-free Powerline network. In addition, your network is pretected with advanced 128-bit AES Security
The P200 consumes less power when comparing to the existing Powerline Ethernet Adapters. Moreover, when there is no Ethernet link, the P200 will enter the “Power-saving” mode that reduces energy wasting for over 50% when comparing to the adapters without this feature.

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Data Transfer Rate Up To 200Mbps
Sleek Compact Design
QoS for High Definition Video Streams
Pair button for easy network security setup
Lower power consumption


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