Smart Socket with Motion Detector Logilink PA0248


The light should turn on automatically when it is dark and the motion detector detects a movement, e.B. in the hallway, staircase or in a garage? Then use the socket adapter with light and PIR sensor from LogiLink. To do this, simply plug the PA0248 into the socket and the plug of the device to be switched on – such as a floor lamp – into the adapter. If the environment is dark enough (from an illuminance <5 lux) and the PIR sensor detects a movement in its 100° detection range (up to 8m away), the socket switches on.

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1x Protective contact socket
With motion detector and day/night sensor
Socket with increased contact protection
IP20 to protect against contact with fingers or similar objects
Three operating modes: on, off, motion detector
Detection range: 100°
Sensing Distance: Up to 8m
Ideal in dark environments such as.B hallways, garages or stairwells
Safety plugs
Power: 230V/16A, 50 Hz, max. 800W (light bulb) or .max 300W (LED)
Color: White
General product data:
Weight: 0.104 kg
Height: 7 cm
Width: 5.7 cm
Length: 10.8 cm


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